When there's too many things to do in a day

When there's too many things to do in a day

We are moving to a new house soon. And with that, there is so much packing and cleaning to do. On top of those things, the daily errands still need to be done, as well as tending the kids and spending time with my dear loving husband. Ow, and not to forget the church ministry work, that is part of our commitment. Not to be mistaken, I love doing them all. BUT there are mornings when I wake up and feel that the jobs are chasing after me instead of the other way around. And it is during these moments that I remembered a book we discussed a few years ago in our women’s fellowship group.

This book is just an eye opener. Its called ‘Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them Free,’ Written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Indeed the truth sets me free. Nancy wrote that 70% of all women believe that they don’t have time to do everything they are supposed to do. Are you part of that 70%? I certainly was.

Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free

The truth is, she wrote, God has given us enough time to do everything God assigned us to do on this earth. So there is actually enough time in a day to do the things He wanted us to do. Frustration comes when we intend to take on responsibility that God did not want us do.

In this book, she explained how Jesus finished the work that God has given him in the time that God also has given Him. This is what she wrote:

Notice what work Jesus completed in the thrity three years He was here on the earth: “I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.” That is the secret. Jesus didn’t finish everything His disciples wanted Him to do (some of them were hoping He would overthrow the Roman government!) He didn’t finish everything the multitudes wanted Him to do. (There were still people who were sick and lonely and dying.) But He did finish the work that God gave Him to do.

I remembered watching a movie called The Stepfords Wives a while back. Nicole Kidman starred in that movie. It portrayed a group of gorgeous looking wives with gorgeous looking homes. I used to have this idea that when I get married, I wanted to be that kind of wife whose house always looked picture perfect, with immaculate appearance and all the glam. But the more I strived to be that ‘perfect’ wife with the ‘perfect’ house, other more important areas of my life were neglected. Like teaching my children about God, attending my husband needs, and creating that quiet time with God in the morning. In the end, I remembered feeling angry and frustrated.

It is definitely a relieve to know that our great God has given us enough time to do the jobs He wanted us to do. The truth sets my heart free. And its peaceful and joyful. Therefore, I come back to my last post about having our quiet time with God. It makes devotional time so important as it helps us discern what is it that God wants us to do today. It sets our priorities straight.

Have a blessed week friends! God bless!