Bird proof chicken feeder

Bird proof chicken feeder

Keeping backyard chickens can be fun and rewarding. They scratch the ground and eat up pests, fertilise the soil, and give us eggs.

We feed them kitchen scraps and chicken feed. However, we noticed that wild birds like sparrows and pigeons like to join the party and eat up a significant portion of the chicken feed, even more than what the chickens eat.

After months getting frustrated with losing chicken feed, we finally make the time to tackle the problem.

After researching online, we settle on this simple but excellent idea:

The setup was completed in just half an hour. We used a recycled laundry detergent bucket, an M6 125mm eyelet, and a piece of wood.

After a day, the chickens started pecking on the wood and eating the pellets on demand. No more feeding wild birds for free. It keeps away rodents as well. We just love the simple but highly effective design.